Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

Feeling ridiculously positive about 2006 - this year is the year I beat the evil God procrastination and get on with things!

Day one of the drying out yesterday: first challenge, an afternoon at my Dad's, offered wine the minute I walked through the door (it comes out of the tap there) and just simply said "no, I'm on the waggon until Feb 1st." Not too hard!

Feeling worried that I've put on loads of weight over Christmas- I've tracked everything I've eaten and drunk as honestly as possible, and it's a bit scary. Mind you, there's not that much chocolate, only one mince pie, no Christmas pud or cake, so I bet it's not as bad as other people. I had to face the fact that if it weren't for the wine, I would have probably done okay - does that make me an alcoholic? Hopefully that does mean that any gain I've made should be off quite quickly with a month on the dry. At least I had lost that weight before Christmas. Even if I have put all of that back on I'm back where I started and not 10 lbs heavier than that (oooh, get me, I'm Pollyanna)

Back to work tomorrow and the positive attitude will have to keep on there as well - I can't let others get me down, I was really guilty of that towards the end of last year, and that's no way to be. I have found that I have felt a lot better being honest and open about things, and that will need to continue. At the end of the day, I think it is appreciated if someone is up front and truthful rather than devious and bitchy.


Dixie said...

Now see, you being an alcoholic doesn't make sense. An alcoholic cannot help but drink, regardless of the amount, even when there are negative consequences to the drinking. You, on the other hand, know the consequences and choose not to drink.

Too bad I can't put away chocolate with the same confidence you've put away drinking wine.

beege said...

Dearest Zoe, it makes you a wineaholic. A MUCH different sort of thing. :)

I'm sure you've done fine. As far as points go, wine is one of the better alcohols to drink. It's got WAY fewer points than beer or mixed drinks.

Sally said...

Don't talk about weight over christmas. Eek. I'd been doing quite well before then! I'm not really following a plan so it's my own fault.

Keep positive my friend. I still hope to see you in 2006 and that's something I'm really positive about!

Sal x

Teresa Hansen said...

I just joined weightwatchers today, and I thought I would find some interesting info online, I did find your site however, and I think it might be a good idea to start Blogging...whatever the hell that is. Can I blog here too? If not I will just leave my comment and run along. Happy New Year to you and as well as praying for myself to lose this extra baggage this year.