Saturday, January 21, 2006

Stealing memes from Dix

Two to be precise:

List and Explain Five Weird Habits:
1. If I am ever watching teletext, I have to return the counter to 100 (the "home" page) before switching it off. This is probably an archaic habit now, because teletext has more or less been superseded by digital televisions internet service now

2. I absolutely HAVE to use correct spelling and punctuation in text messages. Not for me the whole "gr8" or "c u l8r". I use commas, colons, the lot. Seeing text speak completely makes my blood boil. Also see: people who type in capitals on bulletin boards.

3. My tops have to hang in colours in my wardrobe - all the balck ones, all the red ones etc. Bizarrely I do not have this prediliction with my "bottoms" although skirts and trousers have to hang separately. Jackets and cardigans are also colour coded.

4. I say "hello, Mr Magpie, how's your wife and family?" whenever I see a single magpie

5. I read my favourite websites in alphabetical order each day. I could never read "It's Only Smoke and Mirrors" before "Confessions of an English Actor/Mother/Whatever". That would be weird. It means I have always read Poppy's version of events before I get to kara's.

I had to think hard about that and I don't think they are too weird. Oooh, I remembered another, I don't like to mix food on my fork when eating, and rarely will I eat a sauce such as gravy, as it makes food icky and sloppy.

Next one;

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Dixie said...

I do the same thing with teletext as well. I have to put it back to 100.

And I read blogs in reverse alphabetical order. I read you before Beege or Poppy or Kara or Sal!