Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hello to my six readers

Thanks for signing in below - and again, a major apology to my dear friend Poppy for initially missing her off the post. Mwah, darling.

Working like a ******* this week, and still i don't seem to have enough time. Really loving work at the mo, I feel motivated and effective despite all that. There's something lovely about education and little ones - they can be like little sponges.

Had a visit to the in-laws this weekend which can be a bit of a trial - they're not unpleasant or anything, we just have nothing in common, and to be frank, if you looked at thier house, not even my child - ie thier grandchild. Despite school photos being sent and (on the approximately 10-12 occasions he's seen him in HIS WHOLE LIFE) M's dad taking photos with his camera, there is not evidence of M, me, or our son in that house. M's sisters - check. m's nephew- check. Us? Personae non grata. So, bored, and slightly cross about the waste of a precious weekend day. My SIL is lovely though.

Lost all but 2lb of the Christmas half stone, but not had a great week this week - not readful but not great, so will be happy to sts.

Finished the John Peel autobiography last night - it's a really great book- he wrote the first half and his wife completed it after his death. he's not someone who I ever really listened to apart from occasional enjoyable forays into Home Truths on Radio 4, but someone who has been in the background of my life. I did enjoy it though.


Poppymom said...

No apologies needed, Sweets!

What's the title of the John Peel book? I hadn't heard of it until just now. I want to find out if it's available in the States. He was such an interesting person and made such a difference in the music scene. Right up to the end, he did much in supporting my beloved White Stripes.

Dixie said...

Yikes! What's with the inlaws? How could they not have tons of A put up everywhere?

Congrats on the weight loss. Proud of you!

Frank said...

Hi there!
I stopped by in trying to find if there was a blog so named as ,sadly, this too was my first choice.

Flourish & Blotts said...

Better late than never! :) I'm just delurking for the moment. -Flourish