Saturday, December 31, 2005

December 31st 2005

Now nearly the last day of the holidays.

Things that have happened over the holidays:
I got sick - nothing tangible, but when Alfie and I went to see the Polar Express on the 22nd, I started feeling quite grim, and this lasted through the 23rd, with Nicola and james' visit, and I felt terrible on that night, barely sleeping, and all the next morning. I was very worried, thinking that I would be ill for Christmas, but suddenly at about 1pm, I perked up, and felt well enough to go for our Christmas Eve afternoon and evening with Gail and Bob, and was indeed fine for Christmas, although much paracetamol and nurofen were taken.

I had a lovely Christmas. Mike surpassed himself in the present giving front, with 2 sets of La Senza underwear, jewellrey from Pumpkin, a HUGE bottle of Aromatics Elyxir and CDs. Alfie had a lovely time, and really loved his presents. He has been a complete star over the holidays, not bratty or spoiled like you dread kids being. Just gorgeous.

We went to Exeter to spend three days with Sarah, Chris and Leo, who moved there in the summer, and had a wonderful time. We're going there for our summer holidays with a carrier bag full of used £10 notes in lieu of formal holiday payment, to spend on entertainment.

We went to the Pantomime on Boxing Day which was great, and the aforementioned Polar Express at the IMAX so felt very festive

We moved our bedroom back round after agreeing that neither of us has slept well since we moved it a different way. We have only spent two nights there since the re=move, but speaking for myself, I have slept SO much better. There must be something in this Feng Shui business.

I have eaten and drunk for the UK and also another small country (maybe Lithuania) and have likely put the whole pre-Christmas 10lb loss back on. However, I am placating myself with the thought that if I hadn't lost it then I would have 20lb to lose in January, so, it's not all bad

Been sale shopping with my sister and Sarah, and got some super bargains

Not done ANY work - have made a list for the next three days of things to do, so hopefully will get on top of stuff. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute

Have made a resolution not to drink any alcohol for the whole month of January - my liver needs a rest and also this will help with the Christmas weight gain. Also need to show myself that I am not in fact an alcoholic

Have also added to the list of resolutions posted previously that I need to regain my positive attitude to work that had waned somewhat towards the end of last term. Ride the Storm, Zoe.

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Dixie said...

Happy 2006, Zoe! May it be a fabulous year for you and your family!