Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Baby update

Been to the hospital this morning and had a check over, the baby is still "average" size and - get this - 2/5 engaged! Huzzah! So, as my BP and urine are ok, they are letting me go for the VBAC. Once I get to my due date then the party's over, as I have an appointment on the 29th May to arrange a section, which should be sometime that week, i.e., last possible date: 1st June. I'm happy with that as it means that I have an "end" to it all. I really want a May baby though, so if it gets to that stage, then I will be putting my foot down for a 30th/31st section not a 1st June. Need to be seen by the midwife each week as well between now and then.

Feeling pretty good apart from rather pressing sensation between legs (good to know taht that's because of head engagement) and pretty well rested.


Moxie said...

Fantastic that all is well honey! Can't wait to meet your new little bundle.

So excited for you!


Katya said...

It's great to hear that all is coming along fine. And it won't be long now!

Moxie said...

You were the first person I thought about this morning hun and I made a mental note to stop by and say hello and see if you had popped but then Roxie pooped and DH needed me to drive him into town and, well, you know how it goes...

Anyhoo, thanks for the compliments on my blog. I feed like a right haggard old dog so all positive remarks are happily accepted!

Hope you are feeling as fab as you can do at this late stage of preggersness