Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So, of course, if you're one day off your due date, and needing stuff to do, you book lunches, shopping, a hair cut and colour... oh, and do a book meme of course! (Pinched from Dix, who stole blatently from Katya)

A book that made you cry: Jude the Obscure - I stayed in bed for two days after I finished my A levels to read it. I vividly remember turning the page, gasping and bursting into tears. No wonder my Mum confiscated it until after my A levels were over.

A book that scared you: I don't really like to be scared, so I wouldn't intentionally read a horror book. However, in one of the Harry Potter books (it's either 3 or 4) the Dementors first appear. I was reading it down in my cellar living room, and was too scared to come to bed after reading about them.

A book that made you laugh:

A book that disgusted you: Pandora by Jilly Cooper. I'm disgusted thgat anyone could even pay good money to her to write it, or that anyone would pay good money to buy it

A book you loved in elementary school: Elementary school is primary school right? 4-11? Anyway, I loved Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield, the story of the three Fossil sisters, Pauline, Petrova and Posy, growing up in pre-war London. In fact anything by Noel Streatfield - The Painted Garden is also ace. And the Malory Towers and St Clare's books too.

A book you loved in junior high: So that's lower secondary school, yes? That must have been when I read Judy Blume. But my secret fave was Coleen McCullough's The Thorn Birds. Especially page 348

A book you loved in high school: And this is upper secondary - so about 15-18? I really liked Persuasion by Jane Austen because I studied it at A level, and when you "do" a book so deeply, you either love or hate it. I loved this one, even though I think generally it's considered to be a pretty tedious Austen.

A book you hated in high school: Nothing really I don't think. If I didn't like it, I didn't read it, and I'm pretty much the same now. The number of "classics" I've abandoned - Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Birdsong...

A book you loved in college: I read Literature at University, and I don't remember reading much for pleasure, although I must have done. But, I did enjoy a lot of the stuff I read for the course - Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti springs to mind.

A book that challenged your identity: Made me ask questions about who I am? Fat Is A Feminist Issue. Given to me at 17, still something I would dip into even now

A series that you love: I adore Adriana Trigiani's Big Stone Gap books. Or Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House series

Your favorite horror book: None. See above

Your favorite science fiction book: The Hand Maid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

Your favorite fantasy book: Again, not that keen on fantasy.

Your favorite mystery book: Whodunnit? Probably Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie. Love me an Agatha Christie

Your favorite graphic novel: Best described, is that what this means?

Your favorite biography: I'm not that interested in most people's lives, but I did enjoy John Peel's Margrave of the Marsh

Your favorite "coming-of-age" book: Marjorie Morningstar

Your favorite classic: I've mentioned a few already. Love Hardy, Austen, a Bronte or two.

Your favorite romance book: Pride and Prejudice - does that count?

Favorite kids book: Oooooh, absolutely loads - We're going on a Bear Hunt, One Duck Stuck, Dig, Dig, Digging, anything by Roald Dahl...

Favorite cookbook: It has to be The complete Delia Smith, given to me by my Mum when I left home, and much used and well thumbed

Your favorite book not on this list: Terri McMillan's Waiting to Exhale


jessmonster said...

Graphic novel as in a novel in words and pictures, where both are important in telling the story. Like a comic book in format, but novel-length.

Can't wait for news of the baby :)

Sally said...

A day!!! A day!!! I can't believe it....I'm going to steal this meme if that's ok - loving your book choices....

Dixie said...

I really love seeing what books others pick.

Oh I am so excited that your sweet baby will be here soon!