Friday, May 25, 2007

Hopefully, the last pre-baby shuffle

So, now I am two days over by my dates, although due today by the hospital's dates. If we've had no action by Tuesday I have to go in and arrange a section, which I hope will be Wednesday or Thursday. I'll be glad, to be honest, I'm more or less resigned to it now, and I'm really ready for the baby to be here so that we can get on with being a bigger family! I feel a bit poignant for the "old" life, but I'm so looking forward to the "new" life. I have so many niggly worries, primary in my mind is Is It Possible To Love Two Children Equally? - I understand that this is a common one! Also, of course, Is The Baby Going To Be Ok? With added Am I Going To Be Ok? which is a new one, wasn't too concerned about me last time, but now I am already a Mummy, that's a kind of knock on concern about A. I don't think I own the "nesting" gene sadly, but then I am generally a quite clean and fairly tidy person, so there's nothing huge that needs doing. I'm going to have a curry and some pineapple tonight, I mooted the idea of a bit of how'syerfather the other day but it wasn't received with any great enthusiasm... Can't say I blame him, it feels a bit like it would be a complex job!

1. Sail Away - Kirsty McColl
2. When Love Comes To Town - U2 with BB King
3. First of the Gang To Die - Morrissey
4. Half a Person - The Smiths
5. Yes - McAlmont and Butler (when I am on Pop/American Idol, I will sing this in my opening show. Just in case I don't get through to sing it in the final)
6. Sing it Back - Moloko
7. Clocks - Coldplay and Buena Vista Social Club
8. Mathematics - Cherry Ghost
9. Reach Out - Take That
10. She's Electric - Oasis


Dixie said...

One of my very fave Oasis tunes! I wish I didn't love those bad boys but I do.

Hope you're off having a baby right now!

Katya said...

Is It Possible To Love Two Children Equally? -- This is very common. I wondered about it when I was pregnant with my second child. To my great joy, I discovered that it is indeed possible.

I hope you are in the hospital having the baby as I write this.