Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Interviewed by Poppy

Poppy has asked me some questions. As I am bored and on maternity leave, I am agog to answer!

1. What made you decide to not learn the sex of your new baby in advance?
I always think that it's a bit like knowing your Christmas presents in advance. I also feel that it makes the whole nine month wait a bit more exciting, and gives other people (as well as yourself) opportunity to speculate ("well, you're carrying it at the front, seems like a boy to me"/"ooooh heartburn, that means a girl" etc) Having said that, if M had desperately wanted to know, then I'd've gone with it - but we probably wouldn't have told anyone else. It gives me much more shopping opportunities after birth - having exhausted the neutral stuff I can have some pink/blue quality time with my Visa card.

2. If I came to visit you, where's the first place you'd take me, and why?
I think I would take you to my favourite restaurant for a meal, as you are such a foodie, and we can have fabulous cocktails there - I think drink would have to be taken. Hopefully there would be a really good gig on that night that I would have miraculously have managed to get us two tickets to and then we could go to the gig, sing and dance, and generally have a great time.

3. How is having a baby now different than the last time you were pregnant, six years ago?
Well, I'm six years older, for a start. It's not been the main focus of my life like last time; I've got someone else to think about already, and worry about. I've not had the same paranoia about everything, you know, the twinges and everything, but worries about other things - how will A be, can I manage two, etc. I'm more aware of my choices and thoughts and opinions on childbirth. I have better and cuter maternity clothes. There are more friends who have kids now, so I feel like I can talk about it more without being the complete bore.

4. I miss your bouffant. Will you ever bring it back?
I think the bouffant is long gone. I's extremely high maintenance to have a bee hive hairdo and kids. Not to mention appalling for the condition of your hair. Only the name remains. And the attitude. Bouffants require attitude.

5. If you come to visit me, where's the first place you'd want me to take you?
Definitely the coffeehouse, then I'd like to go to Target and Trader Joe's.

Thanks Poppy.

Anyone want a questionnaire, let me know

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