Thursday, April 05, 2007

Maternity Leave! Yay!!!!

Good morning and hurrah! for the end of work for me! I finished yesterday for the lovely Easter holidays, and on the 17th April when everyone goes back, I will be starting my maternity leave! Yay! Had a lovely lot of gorgeous presents - every child and their parents have spoilt me rotten - I had John Lewis vouchers, House of Fraser vouchers, a Clarins Mum to be box, a Clarins facial and makeover, loads of pregnancy smellies and lovely things for me for after the birth, teddies for the baby, chocolates, books, flowers, slippers, tea, and the most beautiful changing bag from my teaching assistant which is from Johnny LouLous, but looks exactly like an Orla Keily bag to me, and I would be delighted to carry as a handbag. I was really really chuffed, and everyone has been so nice. We had a leaving do at a lovely restaurant last night, and I stayed till midnight! DH let me have a nice lie in till 8.45, and I am now chilling in my pjs whilst ds watches telly in his (it's the first day of the holidays, so I'm letting him have a treat!)

I'm hoping to spend a bit more time nuturing this poor baby who has had much less attention than ds did when I was pregnant, so when ds goes back to school, I intend to really rest and look after the two of us. I think I am back to head down now, although I didn't know that there is a hands and feet by head type of breech, so the higher up kicks aren't necessarily a good indication. Also vaguely concerned that lost of people are commenting on me having a rather compact bump. With ds I was huge (but then so was he!) but I was a lot bigger to beging with (about 5 stone heavier). I also lost weight whilst pregnant as I have an endocrine imbalance that is redressed by pregnancy. So, I am telling myself that this is what is happening here again, and that I will give birth and lose all weight immediately, and all will be well. I have put on about 24 lbs so far, which seems within normal limits and all the movement etc is all fine. Perhaps I am simply carrying well, but combined with the nagging sense that I haven't really been looking after myself quite as well as I ought, it is making me a little worried. I have a mw appointment next week, so will ask then.

Still nesting nicely - managed to do some baby shopping at the weekend for things like nappies, wipes etc, and bought some lovely baskets from The Pier for the baby's room. We had a gorgeous weekend, a dinner party on Saturday night and then friends for Sunday lunch on Sunday, the weather has been lovely, and things seem to be going really well all round, which is so nice.


Sally said...

Hoorah for being spoilt! I want to see the bump please - can you post a pic?

ENjoy the rest - you'll need it!! And also - don't worry about this one getting a different experience than A - it's bound to happen for the rest of their lives! It's something that took me a while to get my head around - Toby's experience is different from Oscars and that's just the way it is. You'll love them both just as much!

I can't believe it's nearly time!!! So excited for you - have a very happy easter

Sal xxx

Dixie said...

Oh I can't wait to hear that you've had the baby. I'm so excited for you.

Sounds like you got lots of lovely things. I'm glad you're being spoiled.

Hope your Easter holiday is wonderful!