Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring cleaning

Well, big day yesterday - we moved A into the (previously) spare bedroom to start to get his bedroom ready for the baby. The reason for this is mainly because A's room is next door to ours, and the other room is down three steps and along the corridor, which makes a difference at 3am...

Anyway, it was a HUGE job, much bigger than "swapping the beds over" - copyright me, 16th March 2007 . At one point, both A's bed and the spare room double were in bits on top of our bed, with clothes all over the top of them, and books and lamps all over the landing. At lease, as I pointed out to M, it meant that we did not have the excuse of giving it all up as a bad job, as no one would have been able to get to bed. So now A is in his new room, which he loves, his old room will remain a spare room for a little while longer (10 weeks till the baby's due and then another few until it goes into its own room) and we have had an opportunity for a bit of a clear out which is good. Next job - rearranging our bedroom so that the cot fits in - a lesson learned from when A was a baby is that a cot is a more solid base for a Moses basket than a Moses basket frame. So the basket will go inside the cot.

It did feel good to get it sorted out.

I have decided that I need a cleaner/ironing person. With M away so much working now, and me still working full time for the next few weeks, and being pregnant and then having a new baby to take care of, and a five year old, it feels like a sensible option. I have been getting a bit overwhelmed domestically, and too tired and pg to do too much about it in the week. I have more energy at the weekend, but I don't want to spend weekends doing chores. And by that, I mean the basic stuff - hoovering, mopping floors etc, never mind the bigger stuff. I also need to get back into the on line grocery order, as shopping is also getting to be a chore, although this will be easier when I am on Mat Leave. A friend has recommended a lady who does, so I'm goign to investigate that this week.

Only 2 1/2 weeks to go, but it feels like forever - there is so much to do before I finish, it's like a marathon.


Moxie said...

"swapping the beds over" - copyright me, 16th March 2007

Similar to my - all it means is moving the desk and the bed quote last year which ended up with the entire house content being moved in some shape or form :o)

Glad you got it done though. I'm with you on the cleaner too - in fact I rang a few up this week to see if they could come and do a spring clean (newborn + dogs + sore bits = dirty kitchen etc) but one told me that my house was too small for her to bother with, snobby cow, and the other was too busy... grr..

How far along are you now? Are you the next blogger to pop? So excited for you!

love love love


Dixie said...

Only 2 1/2 weeks! I know this doesn't seem fast to you but I can't believe you're going to have the baby so soon! I'm so excited for you!

Get some help with the cleaning. It'll be worth it.

Moxie said...

Hey gorgeous - I saw this and thought of you...

Hope you are enjoying maternity leave with your feet up on the sofa :o)