Monday, April 10, 2006

It's been quiet for a while... I think I'll meme

4 jobs I’ve always wanted to do:
Backing singer for someone relatively famous - go on tour, wear nice clothes, have lots of people cheering and clapping, but not be the person with all the pressure on them
Magazine beauty write (and product tester, natch)
Teacher (and I am one)

4 movies I have never seen in their entirety:

As y'all know, I don't really do movies, I don't think I've ever watched Finding Nemo all the way through, as I am usually on laptop/reading/ironing/whatever when it is on

4 household items I could not go without:
I suppose the toilet, as really, who would want to..?

4 foods I really, really hate:
um...I think there might only be three. And I wonder why I am on Weightwatchers

4 things I’m enjoying about where I am and what I’m doing right now:
I have a glass of wine
My leek, haddock and mushroom risotto is ready
Alfie's had a great day, and is fast asleep
My kitchen is clean and tidy

4 most wonderful places I have been:
Hugging Alfie
Florence, Italy
Barcelona, Spain
Malmaison Hotel, Manchester

4 favourite books/fairy tales/poems from my childhood:
The Magic Faraway Tree series by Enid Blyton
Famous Five - as above
A Book about Henry VIII and his six wives that I was obsessed with, aged about 6
Little House on the Prairie books

4 songs I could listen to over and over:
Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack
Yes - McAlmont and Butler
Groovejet- Spiller
In these Shoes - Kirsty McColl

4 reasons why I blog:
As a record of my life
Because I like memes
One day I may be interesting
I like diaries

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