Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Oh what a night/Late March back in 2006...

I had a wonderful party.

I thought that I looked pretty hot (there was much cleavage, lipstick and tumbling curls) and things were going ok. We arrived at the bar and got everything set up - candles in tea lights, star shaped confetti on the tables, sorted out the food and the fifteen bottles of wine we had brought along to get the party started were on ice with glasses all ready. I had a glass of wine to steady the nerves and we were ready to go - except we had no DJ. A couple of phone calls later and found out he was on his way - late, but he arrived eventually.

And then the people began to arrive - and we had a blast. I've worried so much about the details, I forgot to think - actually we are inviting people we love to have a good time! And we had a great time. So many of our good friends were there, and we danced, drank wine, ate some yummy food, chatted, chatted, chatted - and of course, it just went too, too fast in the end.

I can't quite believe that it's all over, it was a wonderful night - I have some photos, but I'm waiting until we get ours downloaded, as my Dad's, which are the ones that I have, are a bit random, and wouldn't mean much out of context (although they are great for us!)

It's really hard to express what it was like and my feelings about Saturday night - I should really have posted when I got home: time has passed since then. It was a wonderful, wonderful night, and I can honestly say that it is up there with the day Alfie was born, his Christening and my wedding day as one of the top nights of my life.

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