Saturday, April 29, 2006

Been very busy, work is taking up lots of my time and we spent last weekend doing loads of annoying jobs that have been building up - the house looks good though. Lots of visitors and visiting this weekend to look forward to, as well as a nice four day week next week.

Baby making has commenced - and in the back of my mind, I'm already doing what I promised I would never do - convincing myself that it's already happened. My boobs are a bit tingly (I'm not yet three weeks through my cycle) and last night I had the "stretching" feeling in my abdomen that I remember from the early days of pregnancy. In reality, it's probably nothing, and the gherkins I had on yesterdays lunch sandwich, but in the back of my mind, I know I'm searching for signs - I'm tired (what's new!) and having vivid dreams (also usual/possibly gherkin orientated) - I hope that I'm not getting obsessed. I just have such a strong feeling that it's going to happen, and sometimes I am overwhelmed with these strong feelings that really are right. Plus Mike is very keen on the quiet now, so extra reasons to get on with it. To have a baby in 2007 would be great timing for lots of reasons, so some of my feeling could be wishful thinking.

I do still have those stretchy feelings and tingly boobs though.


Sally said...

i hope your feelings are right. Sending you babymaking love

Sal xxx

Dixie said...

I'd love for it to happen for you right away. Can't wait to hear confirmation that babymaking has been successful!