Monday, April 17, 2006

Having a Lazy Morning

It's the last day of the school holidays today - I'm still in bed (it's 10.30) M and A are downstairs and I feel completely vindicated in that as I have got up with A every weekend since I can remember - usually I am awake, so it doesn't really bother me, but today, I needed some extra kip.

Easter has passed nicely - we went to a wedding on Thursday, and then over to my Mum and sisters until Saturday, then spent Saturday afternoon and evening with friends and thier kids (A stayed up till 9.30 - in his pjs watching DVDs, but, gosh I felt like a terrible mother!!)

Yesterday was a bit of a non-day. I haven't really done much schoolwork over the holidays, so got stuck in to some of that in the afternoon, and cooked a roast duck dinner for us. I read the nvs on the duck packaging and was HORRIFIED at the calorific and sat fat values - I worked out that if you had 250g, you would end up having something like 22 WW points of duck!!!! So, once it was cooked, I took all the skin and fat off it, which left it much better in the cals and sat fat dept, - in Tesco you can buy Healthy Living duck pieces which are fatless and skinless and are 2 points per 100g, so that's what I had. I'm sure it's not exactly the same, but it's much better than it was - I'm never buying that again!!! Made dry roast potatoes and loads of veg to go with it and it was yummy. I invented a hot cross bun bread and butter pudding with HL hot cross buns and ambrosia custard and it was LOVELY!!! In fact I just had to put the left overs in the bin to prevent me from scoffing them for my breakfast.

I really need to get on the dieting bandwaggon again - I did really well until Thursday last week, and then the weekend was a bit of a disaster, but to get on track for this here babymaking, I could do with another stone off, but being back to work will help.

Really making an effort to be positive about going back to work - last year, I made real efforts not to get involved in politics in the workplace, but this year, I've slipped a bit. I need to concentrate more on just getting on with stuff and not bitching - i can be a terrible bitch. Usually I am careful, and I don't especially do it at work, but because I do to M, my mum, myself, I feel like I do it all the time. I think the spring will help, the dark winter can be so depressing. I have bigger fish to fry than work anyway!!

Right, must get out of bed! Thanks to all the lovely ladies who commented on my post below, it really makes a difference to me!

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