Sunday, February 05, 2006

A thread to catch up on stuff

I can barely see my screen as the leaking of the fluid since I smashed my laptop screen is getting worse and worse. So if there are loads of typos in this bog, I apologise in advance.

Not much is new - been working really hard as my co-teacher is off sick and has been for three weeks, which means lots of extra work for me. We've been busy at weekends as well. ast weekend we went to Whitby to stay with the lovley Rowena, who has a wonderful new man. We had a fantastic weekend, including bracing sea side walks, ice cream, trips in steam buses, red wine, tapas and a fabulous Sunday lunch in a pub.

Went on a work do on Friday and ended up in a bar with a couple of the staff and some of the Mums - it was a very good fun night, I felt for the new boss, as she seemed uncomfortable and not very relaxed, all part of being at the top, I suppose! Mum and Tony came yesterday so Mike and I popped out shopping for the afternoon, and Mike persuaded me to get some clothes from per una. I don't like to spend lots nm individual items of clothes, but I did yesterday and I did like what I got - three things for £89, which isn't like me, but perhaps i do been to be a bit more choosy. I've loads of clothes, but not much for going out in, and lathough i do a great line in the v-necked stratchy t-shirt with long sleeves (I own one in almost every colour imaginable, and about fifteen black ones - I need some other stuff. I think maybe I need a bit of a cear out (I had a rather unwise spend in next last summer to celebrate getting into a size 18 there, and not a lot of the stuff I bought is that nice on me - but will sell well on ebay)

We took Mum and Tony to OCA last night for a meal with A, which was lovely and then we lit a fire and sat chatting and drinking wine. We're going to Centreparcs this weekend with Viv and Joff, as it's half term next week (yay!) so we can have a long weekend. Looking forward to that too.

I know a lot of people are feeling pretty crap at the moment and have a lot of stress int hier lives, but I have to say that, touch wood, I am not one of them - my life seems so content and calm and happy, even with lots of work and no time to do it in, that I ma perfectly content (oh dear, if this was a soap opera, that sentence would be the precuresor to some terrible disaster befalling me)

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Dixie said...

I was just going to say you are tempting fate, sweetie!

I'm glad that even if you're crazy busy, you're happy as well. That's what really matters.