Saturday, February 18, 2006

Getting out and getting a life...

In a vague attempt to have a life which is more than work and home, and an interest which is more than drinking and eating, I have contacted my local theatre group with a view to joining. I have also discovered that there is beginners tap dancing on at my local theatre on Tuesdays, so I may go. I feel slightly apprehensive, but it's £2, and I never have to go again if I hate it. but I've been desperately trying to think of an exercise I might actually enjoy, and that fits the bill. If you add to that to walking to and from work and wake up shake up every school day, I could be getting fitter. Which is good because I feel the size of a house. I haven't put any weight on, I just feel HUGE.

Went shopping yesterday, and natch didn't get anything, but saw a nice sequinned skirt, which I went back and got today. it was in the sale, which isn't what I wanted, but obviously is a bonus. I also bought a (non matching) top for £10 and a gorgeous cardigan. I treated myself to clinique foundation and bronzer as I'm feeling the need to look after my skin a bit more. The lady recommended an anti-aging foundation and I felt about 56.

Went out with my friend N last night, and ended up dancing and drinking vin rouge till all hours. Now I also look 56, and Mike and I are out for a Thai meal. nice


Sally said...

You should definitely go for the theatre group! Oh you'll be a star I just know it. And tap dancing is such a great idea! I was rubbish at it when I tried as a teen....didn't have the loose limbness! I want to do trampolining but I need to get lighter before I can - how about you try that?

I can see you as the leading lady though - cool idea.

Dixie said...

Sal said it for me - I think the theatre group sounds like a brilliant idea. What a great way to do new things and meet new people.