Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year

Happy New Year!

Had a nice time last night - quiet but nice. Can't believe this is the year I have TWO children! Bought the bebe two romper suits and two babygros today after panicking that I had made no progress in preparation. Also bought A some tops as he has had a real growth spurt over the last couple of months. And two tops for me. And some jewellery (in the sale - £5).

Have spent far too long on the computer today (although some of it is work related), BUT did end up having a lovely chat with Becks on her private blog - it was so lovely to "meet" you Beckie, and we did have a giggle!


Moxie said...

Hello lovely - thanks for your lovely comment :o) I am 34 weeks today - eek!

Very excited and scared and all that jazz... waiting for the nesting to start but sleep is winning!

How far are you now?

Glad you had a nice Christmas and how exciting that you three will be four this time next year! Here's to a fab 2007 for you and yours.



Moxie said...

Aw honey, I meant more people in the real world who wouldn't normally say a word to me never mind cross the street to give me their 2 euro's worth :o)

Did you see my post about Sal? I posted on the yaya board for her too, hope I did it right!


beege said...

Happy New Year to you, too!

I'm getting a girl vibe for you, Z. :)