Saturday, January 27, 2007

Friday Shuffle - the Scarlett's got new songs on edition

Late again - ach so

1. Libertango - Kirsty McColl
2. The Time is Now - Moloko
3. The Butcher Boy - Kirsty McColl (Scarlett is clearly as obsessed as me!)
4. Don't Think of Me - Dido
5. Crazy Love - Paul Simon (Scarlett, have you actually acknowledged the new tunes I have loaded onto you, or are you simply a lady of habit? The good news is that the enthusiastic response in my womb to every song so far means that the baby also shares our taste)
6. Let's Go - New Order (see, I told you I had loaded some new stuff!)
7. Hand In Glove - The Smiths
8. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want - The Smiths
9. Original Of the Species - U2
10. Good People - Jack Johnson

Three friends have lost babies in the last week. All in the first trimester, but very sad for all of them. For one, my oldest friend, it's her second miscarriage in the last five months. For another, a lost fallopian tube, and for the third, an unexpected, but not at all unwelcome "last chance" at 40. I know how lucky I am to have come through so far and to be unscathed. I also feel guilty, especially for the latter two who have to see me frequently, a constant reminder of what they have lost. It also makes me feel guilty for feeling crap, worrying about the future. And crap for thinking about other things that I can't have.

In the spirit of me doing what everyone else was doing ages ago, here is the meme of the soundtrack of my life

Opening Credits: I Don't Want to See Caroline - Kirsty McColl. Clearly it's going to be the story of me stealing someone else's man. I don't actually think I've ever done that, although there was an incident with a man who was separated from his wife.
Waking Up: Ruined in a Day - New Order. Not a good start for me here - I must be a bit sad waking up today
Falling in Love: I'd Wait for Life - Take That. Quite romantic really
Fight Song: Champagne Supernova - Oasis
Breakup Song: Swim - Madonna
Making Up Song: High - James Blunt
Life’s Okay Song: Angel of Harlem - U2
Mental Breakdown: I Can't Stop Killing You - Kirsty McColl
Driving: Candy Perfume Girl - Madonna
Flashbacks: When Love Came to Town - U2
Happy Dance: Vertigo - U2 (will I have to pay them a lot to do all these songs on the soundtrack??)
Regret: In My Arms - Snow Patrol
Final Battle First of the Gang to Die - Morrissey
Death Scene: River - Joni Mitchell
Final Credits: Sky Fits Heaven - Madonna

Well, I'd buy the sound track - wouldn't I!

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