Saturday, January 20, 2007

Belated Friday shuffle

And I forgot last weeks, not very good at this!!

1. Under African Skies - Paul Simon
2. Wooden Boat - Take That
3. Skin - Madonna
4. My Lover's Gone - Dido
5. River - Joni Mitchell - yay!!!! One day I will sing this at karaoke
6. England 2 Columbia 0 - Kirsty McColl
7. She will be loved - Maroon 5 and Buena Vista Social Club (-how great is the midsection of this shuffle???)
8. Killing me Softly - Omara Portuondo
9. Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt
10. Dancing Shoes - Arctic Monkeys and Buena Vista Social Club

There's a cuban theme to today's shuffle....

Something I always wanted to do last year when this meme was doing the rounds - answer the questions with the answers from your iPOD. So I am doing it now, and I don't even care if I'm not with the kids!!!

Put your music player on shuffle.
Press forward for each question.
Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense.

1. How am I feeling today? Bring it Back - Moloko
2. Will I get far in life? Out of My Mind - James Blunt
3. How do my friends see me? I Know what I Know - Paul Simon (heh heh)
4. Where will I get married? Patience - Take That
5. What is my best friend? Homeless - Paul Simon (jeez, I hope not!)
6. What is the story of my life? All You Want - Dido
7. What was high school like? Mambo de la Luna - Kirsty McColl (a dance of the moon? really??)
8. How can I get ahead in life? Shanti/Ashangti - Madonna (I should do yoga? )
9. What is the best thing about me? Thank You - Dido (I am very polite)
10. What is today going to be like? Shine - Take That
11. What is in store for this weekend? Wonderwall - Oasis
12. What song describes my parents? Some Might Say - Oasis
13. To describe my grandparents? Substitute for Love - Madonna
14. How is my life going? I'm No Angel - Dido - ha!ha! ha!
15. What song will they play at my funeral? Ex Factor - Lauryn Hill (so beautiful)
16. How does the world see me? You're Beautiful - James Blunt
17. Will I have a happy life? Honestly OK - Dido
18. What do my friends really think of me?In These Shoes - Kirsty McColl
19. Do people secretly lust after me? Don't Let Him Waste Your Time - Jarvis Cocker
20. How can I make myself happy? Little Star - Madonna (which is of course, Alfie's song)
21. What should I do with my life? Pure Pleasure Seeker - Moloko (Scarlett the iPod has spoke, I must obey...)
22. Will I ever have children? Only Wanna Be With You - Hootie and the Blowfish
23. What is some good advice for me? Lola's Theme - Shapeshifters (The main lyric is "I'm a Different Person/turn my world around")
24. How will I be remembered? Morning Glory - Oasis
25. What is my signature dancing song? Doo Wop - That Thing - Lauryn Hill
26. What is my current theme song? She's Electric - Oasis
27. What does everyone else thing my current theme song is? Yes - McAlmont and Butler

Lots of fun and some lovely tunes - I do need a greater variety on Scarlett though...


Robin said...

Numbers 16, 18, 20 and 24 are too, too perfect! I always think of you when I hear "In These Shoes" because I know you love that song as much as I do.

Katya said...

I love African Skies and I really liked the answer to number 3.

Moxie said...

oooh! New layout, very nice!

Hope you are keeping well and all is fab with baby bean.

Zoe is a lovely name, just not top of the list when it's the name of your hubbies first wife :oP