Monday, October 02, 2006

Scooby Dooby Dooo!

Had a nice weekend - went to a friends for dinner on Saturday and having had a two hour nap in the afternoon, managed until 11.45pm - result! On five no alcohol beers!! Had a lovely evening, a real laugh and fun time! Paid for it yesterday though - totally knackered and felt really sick all day. We had already decided to take A to his favourite restaurant, OCA yesterday, but I was so knackered I couldn't fancy anything - I needed to eat, so I chose mardy dough balls and canneloni as blandish and comforting - couldn't even stomach a pudding!! Went to bed the same time as Alfie last night, and feel tons better today - could've fallen asleep in my classroom this afternoon, mind, but not been quite as nauseaous. Came home and had toast and marmite and a strawberry and banana smoothie with pomegrante juice and feel very earth mothery. Home made casserole for tea smelling good!

Spoke to the hospital today - the GP misled me and I am actually going to be having a scan on 26th October, not waiting until 18 weeks, which is great. I feel like I am really showing today.

I am really loving it that Alfie's favourite tv programmes at the moment are Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry - the old classics are the very best! Plus, we actually enjoy them as well, as some children's programmes are a little bit wearing at times!

I've decided that being pg isn't going to stop me from going for a promotion at work. We'll need the money, and I reckon that I could do the job as well as anyone else could.

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Anonymous said...

Great news that you are having a scan earlier!

And yes, go for the promo! Nothing stopping you :o)