Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Carbs, glorious carbs

Well, all is going well, apart from major exhaustion and a need to eat my entire bodyweight in carbohydrates at regular intervals (and that's some loaf of bread believe me!) Made the mistake of going to Sainsbury's tonight whilst ravenous and came home with two loaves of bread, a fruit loaf, a pack of Boasters, ice cream, potatoheads, and FOUR magazines (two crappy celeb, one intellectual, one food) I think i only bought the food one because there was a free sample of Green and Black's butterscotch chocolate on the front - my FAVE.

I am working my balls off at the moment, but it's all good in my quest to prove that a pregnant woman can be considered for a senior role in the workplace. Plus, I do really love it - I feel the work/life balance is pretty good at the moment.

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