Friday, June 30, 2006

Yay! Back with my own lappy!

Like my dear friend Sal, I am back in the land of my own laptop which is lovely news for me.

I had an unexpectedly good shop tonight, as is always the way. I just popped to the Trafford Centre to get my Dad a birthday present, and ended up in Mandolin, as over the weekend I had rearranged my wardrobe into seasons rather than colours (I realise I am coming across as boring as well as anal here) and realised that i don't have many short sleeved tops for the summer. I found four really nice tops in the sale, one black, one red, one pink and one brown, that will go with loads of stuff, and then I spotted a gorgeous cream jacket that will go really well with a black and cream skirt I bought in a sale. My niece is being christened in July and M and I area godparents along with Viv's boyfriend's sister L and her husband. L is very beautiful, a bit like Kelly Brook and also a bit bitchy (but with a smile on her face) so the issue of what to wear has been at the forefront. I got a wonderful dress in Monsoon over half term which I love and looks lovely, but shows A LOT of cleavage, which is not something I am ever adverse to, but is not always great on an altar at a Catholic Church. There are ways of covering it up (pashminas etc), but I'm still not sure. The other option is this skirt, but I really would need a jacket, anyway, I bought it, and it was VERRAH expensive (for me) but I like it and it's flattering so what the heck. If I'd deliberately gone out to get a jacket, it would never have been there.

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Dixie said...

If you can get a lot of wear out of it then it will end up being a bargan.

Congrats on the good shopping finds!