Monday, June 26, 2006

Did ya miss me?

I've been absent due to not having my own laptop and I'm a bit wary that M might find my blog because I'm using his, but what the heck. Sweetie, if you are reading this, then maybe go now, because this is my private place, okay? Love you.

Got my period again today after getting unneccesarily over-excited because I had got to day 28, after two 23 day cycles. I kept thinking all day today; "If I get through today..." and it held off until 5.30pm. I hate it when my body conspires against me. I do feel very mardy, because I really did think that this might be it. And it REALLY hurts.

Life has been okay though generally. Had a lovely half term, went to Centreparcs with all our friends, and then had a camping weekend with L and D who are great. Work is fine, friends are fine, family is fine, I absolutely do not have any complaints about anything. Apart from not being pregnant of course. (I think I might take a trip to the Doc once school has finished)


1 comment:

Dixie said...

Pooh. Hate that it didn't work out for you this month.

It will though.