Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sugar Honey Iced Tea

God I had the most dreadful thing happen today.

We had our class assembly today (went exceptionally well) and about half an hour later, one of the little girls in our class complained of a tummy ache, so I sent her to the toilet. Then she began to cry so I called her over to me and she climbed on my knee. Her mum works in the nursery so I told her I would take her over to her mum as she seemed so ill - then I tried to get her to stand so I could take her. All of a sudden she began to wail and moan and went completely floppy and a ghastly shade of white/yellow/grey/green. I had a parent helper with me who is a nurse and she said"I think she's really not well", so we lay her down and S took her pulse and told me to call an ambulance. I had already sent one of the kids for a first aider and the parent helper next door for her mum, so I ran to the office and told them to call 999. I got back to class and sent the other children next door and then her mum arrived, and the Head. The wait for the ambulance seemed to take forever, her mum and the nurse were excellent. Eventually the paramedics arrived and took over, they took her to hospital.

What a nightmare. I had a good cry after that because I was scared shitless, I really thought that she would die in front of me.

It turns out that she has quite a minor thing, and is ok - her mum brought her back to see me and gave me some chocolates, but my God I was scared.


Dixie said...

Oh my goodness! What a fright that must have been! Thank goodness it wasn't something major.

Katya said...

How scary! I'm glad both you and she are okay.