Friday, May 12, 2006

Why the bloody hell am I awake at 4.30am?

It's not 4.30am now, but I've been up since then.

OFSTED is over (fantastic by the way), and I should be sleeping like a baby, but I'm not. I'm a woman held together by clinique foundation and blusher, coffee and food grabbed on the run. It's Friday, and I think I may die a death at work today. We're all on our knees.

Adrenaline is a real bugger.

Anway, I couldn't face lying in bed wondering when I would get back to sleep, so I decided to get up, have a little quiet tidy up of my house, which has been ignored since the news of the inspection came through, as I worked all weekend and till late at night, and watch The Apprentice which Mike taped for me (I already know who won though).

Fashion news: I went to Wallis preview night and spent £108 )at a 20% discount. It was required

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Cassie said...

You can be like me, I lock the door, wrap a blankie around me, and off to sleep I go. But of course no one knows what is going on here so I can sleep.

Get some rest.