Thursday, May 18, 2006


I AM: tired. OFSTED, some stress at work that isn't about me, but affects me, general working hard with 26 five and six year olds all dayhas made me the tiredest I have been for a while. Hell, I even need the alarm to wake me at the moment, and that hasn't happened for a LONG time

I WANT: to have the best relationship with my son (and hopefully another. Child that is, gender:irrelevant) I want him to sya when he is older: "I had a great childhood, I loved my Mum and Dad so much, and I still do now." And I want to be pregnant.

I WISH: that I could quickly get rid of the 1/2 stone that has crept on whilst I wasn't paying attention

I HATE: walnuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, liver and dark chocolate

I MISS: my best friend, who has had a personality change since having a baby. I feel sad about that because I went to great lengths to ensure that I made time for others in my life when A was small. And her bebe is 18 months now.

I FEAR: something dreadful happening to Alfie

I HEAR: things that I shouldn't. I seem to have an innate ability to overhear or be party to, stuff that I shouldn't, and I am not someone who listens at doors or sneaks about. It just happens.

I WONDER: if I will get pregnant again

I REGRET: not sowing my wild oats

I AM NOT: drinking until half term. I really will try (but may give myself a Friday Amnesty tomorrow)

I DANCE: pretty well for a big girl

I SING: constantly. A song for every occasion and for every occasion, a song

I CRY: quite a bit, especially when tired, and more so since I had A. Adverts, soap operas, cheesy magazine stories...

I AM NOT ALWAYS: very Christian. I can be the biggest bitch in the whole world and I have a wicked tongue and a clever bite

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: food mainly. I don't knit, or draw, or have any hobbies really.

I WRITE: neatly. And in quite a boring style

I CONFUSE: left and right, Tuesday and Thursday

I NEED: nothing really. I truly have everything I desire. (Even full cupboards; Tesco came yesterday).

I SHOULD: do something more constructive with my evenings than veg on the sofa

I START: to worry about whether people still like me when I note that they are in a bad mood

I FINISH: off Alfie's food when I shouldn't. Luckily, he doesn't leave much

I TAG: Sal, Dix and Poppy

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Dixie said...

Oh this is fun to read! I'll work on my this weekend.