Tuesday, March 07, 2006

An enigmatic post

You know when you think that things are sorted and then they're not? This is about work, so not too much detail, but I thought one thing was going to happen, then it turns out that something else was, and now a completely different thing is going to happen. And the outcome is so far away from what I wanted it's untrue. And yet on the other hand, there are 84,000 people telling you how fabulous you are at your job, how great you are etc - but, because you are a reasonable, helpful person you get the shitty end of the stick - and an acknowledged, unfortunate, apologetic shitty end of the stick by the person who is giving it to you. Sucksville.

In other news, had a lovely anniversary weekend - went to Malmaison, and had a fab time, we went shopping, had lunch, wandered around, had drinkies, went to bed for a bit (heh heh) had dinner in the restaurant (which was a bit disappointing) slept in simulataneously (only till 7.45am!!) had a hotel breakfast (which I always love) went on the Manchester wheel and bimbled about - all whilst my son was being cared for by his grandparents. Bliss!

We also bought each other new wedding rings as both of ours were a) very cheap in 1996 b) a bit knackered. I love them, especially mine, which is three thin silver bands with three silver strips crossing them (holding them together) and three diamonds on the middle strip - I'll post a piccie when I can. Mike's is not dissimilar, but without the strips across and the diamonds.

Only two weeks to the party. I have a DJ, but not really anything to wear. Obviously I have things to wear, but nothing that I think is fabulous enough. Also I am having a crap time with my hair, and I am feeling rather fat. It's the perfect time for a party...

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Dixie said...

Oooo...I definitely want to see ring pictures.

You'll find something wonderful to wear for the party. And your hair will work out. By the time the party rolls around you'll be all revved up for it.