Saturday, May 14, 2005


Been so busy, and yet there hasn't felt like anything of any interest to the passing reader for me to blog about!

Had a good week at school, today was the First Holy Communions, so spent the morning (a Saturday morning, no less!) calming over-excited seven and eight year olds in suits and white dresses and veils down. Made me feel poignant - won't be too long before that's Alfie! I told Mike that when I got home and he started getting pouty about whether or nor Alfie should have to make his HC or not. I said; "Hey - you're only letting me have one, so we're raising him MY way. Give me another one and you can have that one for the heathen!" That shut him up.

We're having friends for dinner tonight - the lovely Sarah and Chris, our bessie mates who are moving to Exeter (something we said?) and the heavily pregnant Suzanne and the drop dead gorgeous Mark. We are making Indian food - I have done onion bhajis and chicken makahni and naan bread and Mike is making paneer and peas. My stuff is WW friendly - Mike's: not so much.

Speaking of WW, after last week's 2lb loss I have put 2 1/2 on this week, so , back to where I began really! It is TOTM, but even so I was pissed off yesterday. So, I am taking a short break from it. Not to start eating chips with a Cadbury chaser, but not counting points - just making sensible choices. Today, I have had porridge and sausages in pittas with some grapes. And you know what? Not been hungry. And you know what? Not snacked. And you know what? Only had 11 points so far today. Interesting. I'll only panic if I can't get in my 16 trousers!


Sally said...

Sometimes that weightloss thing happens - you stop bothering, therefore you aren't aware of everything you CAN'T have any more so you don't want it! Does that make sense?

I used to want to be Catholic when I was a kid so I could dress up like a bride for first they looked gorgeous

beege said...

Yeah--picture me,the sad little Lutheran girl, watching all my Catholic friends dressed in their gorgeous white dresses and veils, thinking malevolent thoughts about my parents who made me Lutheran and thereby deprived me of dressing up like a little bride.