Saturday, May 07, 2005

I love my job!

Yesterday was a big moment in my career - my first "Good Work Assembly". This is where parents are invited, the whole school attends and the children present examples of the work we have done. It's stressful for a number of reasons. It's like a production; children don't just hold up pictures, they have to talk about the work. The parents are there, which is always tough. The other staff are watching, and when you're new to a school like me, you feel under scrutiny. Add into the pot that you teach 5-6 year olds and it's a minefield.

Anyhow, the childnre were fabulous! They did extraordinarily well - we have been rehearsing for weeks but you never know what it's going to be like. Here's what we did:

  • showed a Shape poem we wrote about a set of spooky stairs - we did this in a stair formation too
  • showed a retelling of a traditional tale using a puppet theatre - three Billy Goat's Gruff
  • two children read extracts from thier stories
  • showed sunflowers we are growing
  • showed observational paintings of sunflowers
  • talked about our history project about homes
  • demonstrated number bonds to 10 and counting in 2,5 and 10
  • performed a musical version of In The Ning Nang Nong
  • talked about our Geography field trip
  • showed nice words we had thought about on 100th day

...and then I collapsed in a heap!

They really were fab, I was proud of them and the parents really enjoyed it. Everyone on the staff was really complementary.

It's been a good week at school, everyone is very enthused after a trip this week to see a wonderful school in a deprived area. Long may it last!


Dixie said...

Wow! Those kids covered a lot! No wonder you're so proud of them.

I'm proud of you too!

Sally said...

You are SUCH an amazing teacher. Hoorah for you - lucky lucky kids to have you and I hope you know it.

Sal xxx

GoddessNoir said...

Wow, I miss being in the classroom. I know the felling when "your kids" do so well. You sound like a great teacher.