Saturday, May 07, 2005

Picture the scene

04.49am - Dragged from a deep slumber, as Alfie's bedroom door opens and he takes himself to the loo. He gets back in bed. I ... don't get back to sleep at all. Not a doze, not a snooze, wide awake. So at 05.22am, I get up, get a coffee and do the ironing. So, as I write, it is 06.51am, I have done an hour's ironing and watched this week's Desperate Housewives that I videoed as I was too tired to watch it.

Oh, did I mention that it is Saturday? And I have a girls' dinner tonight? I may need a second taxi to carry my under-eye bags with me.

1 comment:

Dixie said...

Hate that you were awakened so early but how fabulous is it that Alfie took himself to the potty? What a great little guy!