Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Year Of Non-Extraneous Spending

One thing I haven't mentioned is that 2008 is supposed to be my year of not buying anything extraneous. Reason: well, going back to work four days clearly means that I will have less money - plus, the money we need to spend on nursery means I have even less (see: was it worth it? above) and also, because I think that I have a tendency to spend a bit recklessly at times - not huge amounts of money, but even so...

So, as January is over, I can report that I have purchased nothing but a tube of Benefit ThatGal! which I did think about really hard before I bought, and wasn't extraneous. However, the tube I bought has all gone, so I won't be buying it again, because it doesn't last long enough. I have clothes coming out of my ears and a load of maternity stuff I need to put on ebay, because I really fancy getting myself a pair of TummyTuck jeans (£80!! - but if I'm not buying anything else...) It really hasn't been that hard - I haven't really been anywhere to buy anything, although I did go to the Trafford Centre on Friday and bought my goddaughter Emily books for her birthday (not extraneous - a gift) and books for the boys, and trousers for them both as they are both growing hugely (also necessities). I've only bought one lunch at work. I needed a tub of moisturiser and actually USED one of those £5 off coupons you incessantly get in Boots. I have bought two magazines, but have completley avoided the Now/Closer/First (who have helped me immensely in my quest to buy no more celeb mags by employing Ulrika Jonsson as their agony aunt - I mean as IF!!!)

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