Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Long time no blog - well, I have been a bit busy! Ted is five weeks and four days old today, and quite frankly, is a pleasure and a treasure. Because he is a big boy, he is sleeping really well, typically going down at 8.00-8.30 and then going through until 3am-ish, then till morning, usually when I wake him to do the school run. There was one blissful night of 8.30-6.30, with a follow on kip until 9am, needless to say, Mummy was the one getting up with A at 7.15 though. How did that happen??? He's feeding really well too, and really quickly, which is great, except it means that I don't get as much legitimate sitting around on my ass as I did with Alfie, feeding. He's pretty good at daytime sleep in the pram/on me, I am trying to encourage more in the cot (where he is now) , with mixed results. TBH we're not in all that much for sleeps in the cot, we're out and about a lot, which is good for my brain but not my body. I'm feeling quite tired, which is of course understandable, but also a bit crap considering how lucky I am in the overnight sleep department. I know that there will be other Mummy bloggers throwing things at the screen at the thought of me being tired, but I am. I'm also concerned about my continuing ability to throw copious amounts of crap food down my neck - I'm hungry a lot and for rubbish, I am trying to amend the rubbish, but worryingly, don't really feel better until I have eaten some kind of refined sugar; I may have created an anddiction. My meals are good and balanced, thanks to my meal planner initiated before the baby arrived, it's the snacking in between that doesn't help. I really am trying to make it better, and I am doing lots of walking with the pram, but generally there's some serious belly and ass fat over here, not to mention the attractive sight of my huge breasts not very well supported in my nursing bra.

nursing bras are crap - why? Surely they could be made from more supportive material, I understand they can't have underwires, but that 1950's stiff stuff surely? There's nothing worse for your self esteem than floppy boobs resting on a post partum jelly belly, resting on a C-section overhang. Yummy Mummy - not.


Moxie said...

How are things going gorgeous?

Love and hugs


Katya said...

My kids slept good too but I was still tired. AND you had a C-section, so that's extra reason to be tired. I can't believe he's 5 weeks old though.