Monday, June 18, 2007

Update and photos (or at least a link!)

All is going swimmingly, and I have to say that Ted is one of the easiest babies I have ever come across (looks around wildly for wood to liberally stroke!) - I'm fully aware that these things change, and I am prepared for that, just enjoying this at the moment. M has gone back to work today, and the HV is coming at 10am, she is the same one as last time, and my opinion then was that she was a "chocolate teapot" so we'll see how I feel after today. I'm going to venture out to buy milk, and then collect A from school and that will be it for today. I've kept clear of school for a bit as I don't even want to think about work - it's inevitable that I will when I'm there because it isn't just A's school it's my workplace. Every day M comes home with cards and presents from people on the playground - they are so kind and generous! Ted has clothes to keep him going forever I think!

A has really settled into life as a four now, it's been easier since he went back to school and is in a routine, and we had a lively weekend, with visitors on Sat afternoon, tea at a friends on Saturday night (hurrah for red wine for me!!!) and then the local fete and a neighbours 60th birthday party yesterday, so it's been godo fun and not too much telly watching. Mum's coming next weekend, and I am slowly getting our social life back on an even keel after it being on hold for a while due to not knowing what date Ted would arrive.

I'm in that awful place where my pre-pg clothes are still a bit tight, and my mat clothes are on the whole too big. i know it's swelling and wide pelvis as my weight is pretty ok, only about 10lbs over my pre-pg weight and they should fit, but it's a bit frustrating. All my summer skirts fit, but the weather's a bit cold for them, and I need some new summer t-shirts, especially as my boobs are (even!) bigger than they were and feeding bras aren't the best bras in the world to wear - they're a bit saggy.

I'm supposed to be going to the school ball on Saturday, so one of this week's jobs is to get Ted to take a bottle of expressed breast milk, a job for Daddy methinks!

Link to photos, as I have no success when I try to do anything fancy on this blog!



Miss Beck said...

So pleased to hear that Ted is being a beaut babe.

Those pictures are great (though I did get them via email, Thanks :) ) and Im thoroughly impressed that you got the lippie on. You look beautiful (and I wish I had arms as small as yours!

Sally said...

LOVE the pics - you look as glam as ever - the only woman I know with lipstick on in hospital - wouldn't expect anything less! Sounds like it's going swimmingly - I'm so happy for you! Ted sounds like an angel. Enjoy it my love!

Dixie said...

Zoe, you look fabulous! And Ted and A are simply adorable. Such handsome boys!

Glad Ted's being such a sweet fella. Hope he sticks to being a good baby.

Katya said...

He is a really cute baby! I didn't know A was so big yet.