Monday, November 13, 2006

Where on earth have I been?

Well, nowhere really. Just pootling about, working, eating, sleeping (a lot), occasionally puking up, bleeding (very scary, happened in half term, but mainly brown and probably post coital, I've turned into a nympho), having a scan and getting a bump.

Also, I turned 35 this weekend, which was a bit of a milestone. When I turned 30, I had just had a baby and was breasfeeding. My sister left her husband that week. I turned 35, pregnant, and my sister got engaged to her new husband. Is there some kind of kismet/circulosity about that? (Circulosity: an excellent word just invented by me). If so, what is likely to happen when I am 40???

I had a nice birthday - saw lots of people I love and had a nice meal out in a fancy schmancy restaurant with three other couples which was lovely. I got some nice presents too, including a bag from M and S, some lovely Pilgrim jewellery, a big cheque from my Dad and some books and CDs and things.

Having the baby is feeling a lot more real now - seeing the scan was amazing! I'm sure that it is a girl, but then that may be me just being silly. I always knew that A was a boy though.


Robin said...

Happy belated birthday!

Love the croc bag! I've been looking for something similar with no luck at all.

Glad the bleeding was nothing. I'll bet your girl hunch is correct. I knew Clara Jane was a girl all along, too.

Dixie said...

I would love for you to have a girl. She'd be the girliest girl in the world!

I'm happy you had a good birthday. Love that bag!

Moxie said...

Great to hear from you - was wondering where you had got too.

Glad all is well, boo on the bleed though, very scary. Did you get scan pics?

Happy birthday too


Sally said...

Oh pants! I forgot your birthday!!! I remembered it then forgot it again - you understand this oh pregnant one!

I was a nympho too this pregnancy - up until about 3 weeks ago when I'm now too bloody enormous to even contemplate it.

Sending you girl vibes m'love and huge belated birthday hugs

Sal x

Katya said...

Happy Belated Birthday. I'm glad you're all right -- that bleeding happened to me with my 2nd pregnancy and scared me to death. All the doctors acted like it was fairly normal.

Clover said...

I think it's a girl too! :)

beege said...

I hope it's a girl! I love having a girl--girls, now. :)

I, too, am a nympho this pregnancy. I literally cannot get enough of M, and if it's been a day or two I start having really hot, vivid sex dreams.

Funny, since we maybe had sex twice a trimester with Nea. It was sad.

You should post a pic of your bump on Stonecutters, Z. I'd love to see you!