Friday, December 01, 2006

Had a crap week

Just loads of crap to deal with. Christmas in a primary school is not something that any sane person needs to have to deal with.

Baby is really moving about now (apparently it is 10cm long) which is nice as it makes me feel more like it's real. As I worked for the NHS when I had A, I had a midwife appointment every week, heard the heartbeat every week etc. It's not like that in the real world.

I am sleeping really heavily at the moment - rudely awoken by the alarm each morning, usually from a very vivid dream. This morning's was me in a hotel lobby in New York with a man who is not my husband (!) and I had just drunk a very delicious gin and tonic (I could really TASTE it in my dream). We were about to go upstairs together but we couldn't because we were on the 25th floor, and the stairwell got smaller and smaller and narrower and narrower, so we couldn't fit. Whenever I dream about being with other men, and it does happen, hey, I am not responsible!, I am never actually unfaithful, something always happens to stop me. Something distinctly Freudian there I think. And then the alarm went off, and I was very bewildered.

I bought the most fantastic CD this week, Rhythms Del Mundo. It's fantastic, loads of really great songs like Clocks by Coldplay and I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For by U2, but done in a Cuban Salsa style. It's amazing, really uplifting, happy, makes you want to dance even though you've got a big old pregnant ass. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Christmas shopping is sort of on its way to being done. Mostly on line, the days of being able to go and have a good old all day shop are long gone.


Robin said...

I heard that version of "Clocks" last week and really liked it. And I normally hate that song!

Sorry you're having a crap week.

Dixie said...

You weren't dreaming about that bad man Jose Mourinho, were you?

Clover said...

Hahahaha...I had a dream about another man last night too. And I'll be damned if something didn't stop me right before it got good. Sigh...

Sorry about primary school crazyness.


Katya said...

Those dreams were so VIVID during my pregnancy -- it was freaky -- I could see, smell, touch and taste everything like it was right there not in a dream.

Moxie said...

Thanks for the kind words - I'll be sure to take a pic for you if I resort to chicken woman :o)

How are things going with you? Hope you are well and happy



Moxie said...

Didn't have to do the chicken hat thing but thought I'd say hi anyway - how are things going darlin? Hope all is well and you are not too sick/tired/weepy.

All well here just huge and slowing down! Wouldn't change it for the world though!