Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hurray, hurray, it's a holi-holiday

Thank God, the term is finished. Each term seems to follow a pattern - as it gets towards the end, I seem to get busier and busier and eat more and more crap and drink more wine. This one is no exception.

We are all knackered and we all have to swap rooms this year, so everyone is stressed and a bit snappy, which we could do without.

I had a nice last day today - lots of nice presents, but mostly what was nice was some of the lovely letters and cards from parents. Considering I haven't really enjoyed this class so much this year a lot of the time, I really didn't think I'd done that much of a good job this year, but there you go.

I'm really looking forward to the holidays - we've some nice things planned but mainly I just want a rest. A is going to stay with my Mum for the weekend tomorrow, so I can have a couple of lie ins and M and I can spend some quality time together. I've bought a basque. Pity it's going to be too hot to wear it.

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Sally said...

The thing about a basque is that you don't wear it for long....enjoy my lovely chum!