Sunday, July 02, 2006


20 years ago I was fourteen. That makes me feel old, I thought I was about six! I was fat with terrible hair and an awful complex about myself. I'd just got into amateur drama which was good for me in lots of ways and also taught me lots of bad habits. I wouldn't not do it though if I had the chance again. Mum and Dad were having a lovely acrimonious divorce and life was pretty crap. I thought too much about what others thought of me.

10 years ago I was working my arse off in a job that I thought was the be all and end all. i had just got married and was living in my first owned home. Euro 96 had just been on in the UK, and that summer we went to 132 weddings.

5 years ago today I was on the first day of my maternity leave. I was huge and uncomfortable and the weather was extremely hot. I was dead excited about the baby, and as usual, hyper organised so had very little to do except lounge around reading magazines and eating ice lollies.
3 years ago I was in France with M and A and Mum and tony. It was a great holiday, A was saying seven word sentences and had his first olives. I was about to start my teaching degree

1 year ago I was anxious about A finishing nursery and starting big school. I was waiting for my sister to have her baby. I had maintained my weight loss for one year

So far this year I have been amazed to find out that M wants another baby, realised that work isn't very important

Yesterday I had a lovely day with my husband and child and rather a lot of red wine

Today I am going out for my Dad's surprise birthday lunch

Tomorrow I am taking my class to thier school trip

In the next year I would like to lose another stone, get pregnant, decide where my career is going and make some decisions about home renovations

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