Friday, November 11, 2005

Happy birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear Zoe, Happy Birthday to me

Because, dear readers, today I reach the grand old age of 34. Older than Jesus ever got.

I've had a very nice day. My favourite thing that I got was a handwritten card from Alfie who is going from strength to strength with his reading and writing - to see your son's own handwriting with "Mummy" and "love Alfie" was pretty great this am.

So far I have received:
  • a diamond watch
  • A Robbie Williams CD
  • A Kate Bush CD
  • A Kirsty McColl CD - we had a good old dance to my theme tune - "In these Shoes" ("In these shoes - I don't think so.... ") tonight
  • An Angel of Learning
  • a substantial amount of cash from my Dad

and also loads of chocolates, flowers and wine from the children in my class which is unusual, I didn't get stuff last year.

Mike, Alfie and I went out for dinner to our favourite local restaurant tonight, and then tomorrow we are going out with our good friends Steve and Sarah. I had lots of nice cards and texts from people too, including a card from my beautiful niece, my first "to my auntie" card

Thirty-bloody-four though. I feel like I am very old..


Dixie said...

Sounds like your birthday was fabulous! And I hope your new life year brings you nothing but happy days.

Annie said...

Gasp! you don't look a day over 29. :) I hope it was a wonderful birthday!

Sally said...

Happy birthday my love! I'm sorry I'm late. 34 isn't old! I'm 34....

We are mature yummy mummies.

Sending you a big hug and birthday kisses from Oz

Sal xxx

beege said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Zoegirl!

Sounds like you celebrated in high style! I'll lift a glass in your honor tonight!