Sunday, November 06, 2005

Easy like Sunday morning

Kinda - I have done a load of ironing. We finally bought a new mattress yesterday. Our mattress has been dreadful for ages - springs coming out and me waking with a painful back. Anyway, Mike, Alfie and I were at IKEA as it opened yesterday morning (I have thing about being one of the first into places like that at the weekend or I get very angry at everyone else being there and it being heaving busy) and we chose a super dooper one, as well as getting some fab Christmas ornaments and decorations, and we managed to get it into Mike's Chrysler PT to get it home, by dint of Alfie and I squashing up together in the back. Not because we're too tight to pay delivery, but because IKEA has a ridiculous delivery policy whereby if we had bought the mattress yesterday, the very latest they were prepared to deliver would be Friday - not Saturday when we are actually at home, oh no, that would be far to helpful! Anyway, we saved ourselves £35 so yah boo sucks to IKEA.

The mattress is REALLY comfy. I still didn't have a great night's sleep as I am a bit restless at the moment, and I think I need to get used to the comfort - my body is in a Povlov's dog place of waking and rearranging automatically even though it doesn't need to.

I'm quite pleased with how proactive we have been about sorting stuff out that needs to be done lately - new winter bedding, new music system for our bedroom, new mattress - I've even had some dry cleaning and shoe heeling done!

We just had some hot dogs and sparklers outside for bonfire night last night - one thing I hadn't been proactive about was deciding on a display to attend, so we looked at everyone else's instead. We had a really nice time, Alfie enjoyed it, and it was a quick and yummy tea! Next year I might organise a party at our house.

Mike and I spent last night watching music channels as well as X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing, we had a real giggle watching old music videos! I enjoy evenings like that. he showed me some photos he has been taking over the last six weeks I haven't seen yet, I've asked him to update Alfie's webpage as it hasn't been done for a while.

It's my birthday this week (34 - who knew I could be this old!) and I still feel about 17 most of the time. My mum was on her own with three children at my age, and just starting teaching again after years as a SAHM. I can't imagine what that must have been like for her, she's pretty strong. I don't really give her the credit as much as I should for how she coped with all of that.
I love birthdays, and I'm hoping for a good one this week. Apart from that it should be a reasonably nice week anyway - my class is having an assembly on Tuesday which is going ok, and I'm out for dinner with a friend I haven't seen for a while on Wednesday. hopefully we are taking Alfie to see the Christmas lights being switched on on Thursday and then out for a Chinese on Friday (my actual birthday) and then for a meal with friends on the Saturday. So should be a nice week (I hope so!)


Dixie said...

Yay for the new mattress! You'll be sleeping ever so much better.

I was explaining to B today what bonfire night is there. We both concluded that it sounds like heaps of fun.

beege said...

What is bonfire night? Is it sort of like our Halloween?

Mmmmm...Ikea. I love that store. I haven't shopped there in ages, but I really should. Heh. I have this list of things that I want to do when we have money again--but most of them probably won't happen. Nice to dream, though.

Happy birthday, sweet Zoe!!!! Isn't it funny that I always imagine you as being much older than I am, because you're a mom and a teacher and so wise and somehow inside I'm only 17, too, so that makes you heaps older than me. Except you're not. Only 3 years. ;)