Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's half term

And for most teachers it's a well deserved break of a week. I have to admit that for me, it's a realisation that the summer was not an isolated experience - why is it harder to have one four year old (your own) than 25 5 and 6 year olds (someone elses)??

I think partly this is because a) I am out of the loop of being 100% mummy and b) I am tired and have had four years without a regular lie in.

I love being with Alfie - he's my greatest pleasure and the thing I'm most proud of and love in my life. Everything is harder with him - there are lots of inevitable but necessary things to do during this break - buy new duvets, birthday presents, car tax, banking etc etc, all of which are made more difficult with a four year old in tow. I don't want life without him, but i could do with my mother living around the corner sometimes - just so i could run my errands. It gets a lot harder, dear readers with toddlers, when they are out of the pram. Although a lot more rewarding in terms of interactive relationships.

It's partly my fault because I tried to fit in some clothes shopping today, as I have hardly any Winter clothes and it's getting cooler. I also have some cash burning a hole in my Ladies Nice Things Account (ebay money and birthday/Christmas money) as well as a gift card for the Trafford Centre. Anyhow, a great big thanks to the saleslady in Dorothy Perkins, who presented my child with a packet of chocolate covered raisins so that "Mummy can try on her clothes in peace" - I am so shopping there forever!! Got a black v-necked sweater and a baby pink wrapover cardigan there - so, so soft, and a black top with mock collar and cuffs in white, similar to something I bought and LOVED in the states ten years ago, and a nice necklace. I took Alfie to Est Est Est for lunch (him pizza, me goats cheese foccacia) and the to the cinema to see the Wallace and Gromit film, which was good fun apart from Alfie being a bit scared and me eating too many fruit pastilles, to the point I gave them to him and said "keep these away from Mummy" like he was an adult or something.

Managed a quick trip to Next to buy a brown top also.

I really feel I have let myself go a bit lately, so i'm really making an effort to get back on the weight loss waggon (weight loss so far this year: none) and start to look after my skin and body a bit more. Apart from fruit pastilles of course.


beege said...

I hear you on this, Zoe.

Linnea is at the age where she wants to walk everywhere...but doesn't want to stay with me. Running even the simplest errands with her is a monumental task of patience and perserverance, and there are many days when I'm just NOT up to it.

But it's also cool because we can have chats now. She's old enough to go to the zoo and the playground and such, and that's always a good time for both of us--playing together all rough and tumbly.

Motherhood sure has its tradeoffs, doesn't it?

Sally said...

I'm starting to learn this - now he's been walking for about 4 weeks, Oz is keen to GET OUT of the buggy. And even with reins he's a nightmare to control. Now I'm stuck at home with him! Thanks for the advice - I feel a trip to MaccyD's drive thru coming on - great idea - might just tempt his appetite as well....

Glad you're back posting again. Missed your musings. I can hear your voice when I read your posts and I love it.

Sal x