Sunday, September 04, 2005

Welcome to the World Baby Girl!

Well put me in a corner and call me Malcolm - I have a niece! I'd've put money on her being a boy, but now she's here I can't imagine it any other way!

Freya Alys (pronounced Al-ees - Alys is the Welsh version of Alice which was our much loved maternal Grandmother's name, and my sister has Alys as a second name) was born after 24 hours labour by forceps at 2.02am. My sis is a complete star - and she looks magnificent, those endorphins certainly kick in!! Freya is beautiful, she looks just like my sister, and was a whopping 8lb 2 oz - which given the fact that my sister is not built like me at all, and is a slim 5 foot 2, is no mean feat.

Can't wait to go and see her next weekend at home - hospital visits are always pretty rushed and unstaisfactory, especially when you're on a tight timetable as there are other visitors expected, and have a four year old in tow. And your husband refuses to come with you - don't get me started on that.

Welcome to the World Baby Girl - your Auntie loves you already, and I promise to keep you in fabulous accessories forever!


beege said...

Zoe, tell your sister I LOVE the name!

Heh. I was actually thinking about Freya as a contender for the next baby...but "Linnea" and "Freya" are just a little too much scandinavian goodness, I think. ;)

Congratulations to you, Auntie Malcom!

Dixie said...

Oh Zoe! I'm so happy for you! And I know how it feels to expect a nephew and get a neice. After four nephews I thought the fifth would be a boy too but she's the girliest of girls.

Spoil that sweet Freya rotten (the daughter of my best friend in Germany is named Freya so I love it)!