Saturday, September 03, 2005


My little sister is in labour. She has been in hospital since 7am - arrived 4-5 cm dilated, and my Mum called me at 9.30am to say she was going in to be there. Today has been really hard, because I desperately want to be there too, and should be if there weren't stupid rules at her hospital that there can only be two people with her. She was at my labour, but I can't be there.

Yesterday, she went in with a false alarm and I was beside myself with anticipation and...grief - i bawled for most of the afternoon and only stopped when my Mum rang to say that she had been sent home. I don't even know why, I'm of course overjoyed that I am going to be an auntie, but the emotion was immense.

So, today as displacement activities I have cooked a load of stuff for the freezer, done a load of laundry and taken A to the maize maze - and still the poor girl hasn't had the baby. I've had two texts from Mum (who taught that woman to text, it shouldn't be allowed!!) one saying that she had been put on a drip to speed things up and the second saying that the baby had a strong heartbeat but that if there was no progress in two hours then they would do a section. The two hours is up shortly.

Now I had a section - emergency - and I wouldn't voluntarily have one again. My sis, whom I adore, has pissed me off a couple of times during her pregnancy as she has said "oh I wish I could have a section" because that attitude really annoys me - that it's the easy option. I blame all these celebs who have the planned sections. It's traumatic major abdominal surgery. You could die. The baby could die. So I am here praying that she doesn't have to have one.

Hopefully there will be news soon. If not, my Dad will ring me (again) from his holiday in France to ask me "any news?" Yes Dad, she's had it and I couldn't be arsed to call you...

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