Saturday, September 03, 2005

Five Years

My favourite magazine Eve is 5 this month (Happy Birthday Eve!) and I have read every edition. Natch, there was a feature in the magazine this month about all the positive changes in the world that have occured in the last five years. It got me thinking about the positive changes in my own life over the lsat five years and so I dedcided to list them in my blog:

In the last five years:

  • I have had a baby - who has grown into a fabulous four year old
  • left a job that was quite frankly, toxic, even though I didn't realise it at the time
  • found my niche - teaching
  • got a first in my teaching degree
  • my marriage is in a completely different and lots better place
  • I have a brilliant relationship with all my close family
  • I still have all the friends who mattered to me at the time, and I also have several more who mean a great deal to me
  • I have eliminated about half a dozen toxic relationships from my life
  • I weigh five stone less
  • I am in a size 16-18!
  • I have been to Egypt and seen the pyramids, and Athens and seen the parthenon and the Acropolis
  • I have driven in France
  • I have done a zip wire
  • I have sung at a friends wedding
  • I have finally sold my flat
  • I have seen U2 live
  • And The Pet Shop Boys
  • And Morrissey
  • I've seen my two best friends marry and have babies - and I'm the godmother to them both
  • I've bought and sold on ebay
  • I am TONS happier than I was five years ago

Isn't it funny how sometimes you have to look at the really big picture to realise how lucky you are?


Romance Coach said...
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Rosa Benito said...
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Dixie said...

AAAGGGHHH! Comment spam! Zoe, you need to add word verification to your comments.

It's nice to take stock of our lives and see where we are. And when you see it all together it really does add up to a happy, fulfilling life!

Flourish & Blotts said...

Lots of things to be proud of! -Flourish

zoe xx said...

Dix - done it - who are these t*****s?