Monday, May 26, 2008

I am not Mary Whitehouse, but....

It is 10.30am on a Bank Holiday Monday, and my six year old and I are in our pyjamas browsing the TV. We've watched "I'd do Anything" from last night (taped because it was Ted's Birthday party yesterday - more on that later). We have flicked through for some music - I had to turn off E4 because there was a song with an accompanying video portraying a busty lady in her sexy underwear walking through a desert (I think it's called "Flashlight" but then I'm not with the kids anymore), flicked to another channel and immediately switched over as it was "The Thong song" and then on the third was faux lesbian kissing with Tatu's "All the Things She Said" (who interestingly DH and I were only talking about on Saturday as he remembered they once represented Russia in the Eurovision. But I digress)

My question is - how can this be the choice on a Monday at 10.30? Why should my six year old be exposed to that??? I realise I only have the three free music channels but I have no reason to believe that it is any different on the paying ones. Am I a prude????

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Miss Beck said...

No, you aren't a prude, because a prude would turn their nose up to that at midnight, sitting around with adults..

You are a mother who has a conscience about what her children are exposed to prematurely. Kudos to you for turning the channel.

It's funny, Scott was allowed towatch horror movies fromavery early age and consequently they and general murder scenes on the enws don't affect him now. I really can't speakabout 10 yrs from now, butI hope I won't allow my children to become blase about sex or violence.