Sunday, May 11, 2008

Here comes the Sun!

There's something about sunshine and summer that makes the world seem a better place. In my younger years I used to say I preferred winter - could cover up in more clothes, I liked cold, crisp days, my birthday, and Christmas. Of course, I still like cold, crisp days, my birthday and Christmas, and there is a certain cosiness in winter clothes, but the reality is that Christmas is one day, my birthday's somewhat lost it's edge as I get older, cold and crisp days are few and far between - more like damp and grey days - and clothes are all well and good but you need to strip off once you get indoors. You know where you are on a bright sunny day, you can get a t-shirt out, linen trousers, silver birkenstocks (I love them...), hold back bad hair with sunglasses, and spray on a quick tan. The air is fresh, people have barbeques (we had one yesterday) and you feel more like talking with your husband over a glass of wine. Next weekend we get our garden done and I cannot wait!

Ted now has seven teeth, and a few words "ma-ma", "bye" "yeah" - he's finding the heat a bit much though

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Miss Beck said...

I'm definately an autumn/winter girl but last year, after losing a stack of weight I found that I quite enjoyed summer for all the reasons you mentioned... mostly for the bright pink polish I have on my toes...