Thursday, April 03, 2008

Had such a lovely break

Had a lovely Easter holidays - today is the last day for me because I would be off tomorrow anyway because it's Friday. I made a conscious effort to fill our days with some different things to do, and it's worked really well. We've been to the park, the cinema (Ted went to nursery that day) and for lunch, been to see four lots of friends, been to a farm, today we are going to school for me this morning (Ted in nursery again) and then for a quick bite before going to see some friends, we've been to Blue Planet aquarium, an Easter Egg hunt, seen my Mum, Dad, sister, Mike's sister... it's been fab. We've had time at home too, and the housework is OK, we've done some activities, watched some TV and started a huge jigsaw. I managed fine when Mike was away Monday/Tuesday. Which bodes well as he's away all week.

I do feel a bit odd about Ted going into nursery. He's only gone in two full days in the last two weeks (and by full I mean 9.30-3.30) and also he's gone in this morning so I can go into work for a couple of hours. Alfie can entertain himself for that time, Ted, not so much... It's also so that he doesn't forget about nursery, because with Mike being away next week, I don't want the trauma of having to settle him back in, he doesn't like me dropping him off at the best of times. I do need to do stuff with Alfie as well, as he is such a great and patient big brother, but he does need his time with me, and the things he enjoys (cinema, Blue Planet) are better without a 10 month old in tow. In addition, I looked after a friend's two children on the Blue Planet day, so it was easier not to have him with me, although it would have been manageable. I suppose I'm lucky to have the option, my sister would say, but hey, we PAY for that privelidge, and plenty of money for it, and there's no reduction if you don't go in the holidays. I suppose using it as an occasional babysitter in the holidays is useful, but I still feel slightly odd about it. I'm sitting here in my PJs, Alfie is watching Scooby Doo and we have had our breakfast and the back of my mind is wondering if he is ok. It's guilt I suppose, in spades. I AM going to work in a little while though.

Parenting - a stick to beat women with.

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Clover said...

I think I'm going to get that last line tattooed somewhere!

I'm such a pro at the Mommy guilt. You and I can commiserate.