Monday, November 26, 2007

A two month hiatus

Due to computer problems. I feel funny about writing my blog using Mike's computer, so I haven't written at all. So, in case I have any readers left at all, here are some bullet points to update you on the last two months

  • I am now 36 years old. Why do I not feel like a grown up?
  • Ted is now six months old. How did that happen?
  • He is on three meals a day. We made it to 17 weeks without food, but he was hungry
  • We are only breastfeeding in the morning now
  • I am still looking for my waist - why is it not back yet?
  • I return to work in just over a month
  • I am going back four days a week, with a Friday off
  • This is good, but negotiating this nearly gave me a heart attack
  • Alfie is marvellous
  • He got a great report at Parents' evening
  • Mike and I are working on our relationship like walking through treacle
  • This is compounded by my hormones
  • Which are also causing my hair to come out at a rate of knots and my nails to break
  • I have become obsessed with The Sopranos, about six years after everyone else. Could Tony Soprano BE a more complex character?
  • Alfie and I are also obsessed with Strictly Come Dancing. We supported John Barnes, but now he is out we are all about Matt and Flavia
  • V+, the Virgin Media version of Sky Plus is feeding these habits - we love it!
  • I am getting there with Christmas Shopping
  • Mike is 40 in three weeks and is impossible to buy for
  • I have something up my sleeve though
  • I am still really enjoying being off and heartbroken about returning to work
  • We are just going to see how return to work goes

Is that it? For two months????


Miss Beck said...

Great to see you back! :)

jessmonster said...

I'm another late-comer to The Sopranos - I think I started over a year ago, took a break, picked it up again, and now I've seen everything except the 2nd half of the last season (huge wait list at the library). They're all so complex and interesting - which kept me watching even when the violence turned me off.