Monday, September 25, 2006

The Low Down

About ten days ago, I did a pg test, and it was negative. Two days later, I got up with A at 7am and made a cup of coffee. I love coffee, but it tasted awful and really bitter. I wondered then whether I had had a false negative (at this point I was three days late) so I went to get another test I had upstairs - and dropped it down the toilet!!

So when I woke Mike up, after getting him to check the coffee (it was fine for him) I went to Tesco and bought a three pack of clearblues. Came home, did the first one, and within 10 seconds it came up with "Pregnant"!

Obviously we are overjoyed, and in particular, me, as I had really thought that it wasn't meant to be. We haven't told A yet, mainly because I think he would say something at school and I don't really want any of the parents knowing yet. Apart from that we are telling friends and family because I am very much of the opinion that if God forbid, something were to happen, I would need thier support.

So, I'm due on the 23rd May - I think that we get too hung up on dates and things, so I'm just thinking May, rather than a specific date. I saw my GP today, which to be honest was anti climactic to say the least, and it would seem that where I live, nothing happens until 18 weeks, when I get scanned, blood tests, midwife appointment etc, which seems like ages away.

No terrible symptoms, tired, stretchy feeling in my abdomen, starving hungry, and had a couple of waves of feeling sick - but with A, the real nausea and vomiting kicked in at about 6/7 weeks, so we shall see. Oh and boobs like torpedoes. Some would say no change there.


Sally said...

Still doing the happy dance for you babe. Such good news. And a May baby - perfect - just what I was aiming for but got a bit ahead of myself. It means you'll be blooming over Christmas and not have to have a sweaty summer. And baby will be born with the spring flowers and you can go out and walk in the park with your 2. We're going to have childREN Zo - can you believe it?

Sal x

Dixie said...

I couldn't be more excited for you, Zoe! I'm jumping up and down over this!

Moxie said...

Brilliant news darlin - Dr's are the kings and queens of anti climax aren't they (apart from our Mad Doctor Bill who insisted on a group hug after doing a few animal impressions...)

I have to contact some medical research place as I think that blogger is the best fertility aid around :o)

Congrats again.


Kristina said...


Mr. Coulter said...

Thanks for your comment on Nothing Like the Sun blog.

I like your dry humor, and esp. enjoyed your open letter to the noisy 3AM man.

Oh, no damage to the microwave, by the way.

Congratulations on your blue stick.

jess said...

So so happy for you!